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The platform to develop, manage, and promote your APIs

APIs are the first step towards de-siloing your enterprise and the best way to make your business scalable and future proof. APIs can also help build stronger customer relations and allow integration with other businesses for new forms of value creation.

How Apiculus can help

What systems will the API expose? What business goals need to be met? What will the developer experience of using the API be? The Apiculus team helps you set your business goals, define the value props for your APIs, and determine the outcomes you want the APIs to generate within the context of your business model. Digital experience, partnership, innovation – pick your pursuit.

Power digital experiences
Empower your mobile & IoT strategy by streamlining access to data and services

Build your business ecosystem
Extend your reach and accelerate partner integrations

Sandbox for innovation
Develop new ideas faster by crowdsourcing innovation

How Apiculus works

The Apiculus offering

API Design Services

Our API designers will help you expose your legacy data as APIs and optimise them for consumption using best practices and pragmatism

Apiculus API Platform

API publishing
API grouping, versioning, and granular policy templates with support for Swagger, RAML, WSDL, and more

API Management
Optimized policy execution and load balancing along with robust security features for authentication and authorization

API Subscription
Subscription, API key management, and API documentation features for developer onboarding and engagement

API Analytics
Real-time monitoring of API access, application/user tracking with dashboards to analyze trends and usage

Make APIs work for you